What benefits would I get if I join an activity ?

By enabling your profile accessible to the local and international professional football agencies, football club managers, coaches and scouts, Futbolcu Dunyasi presents your profile to the football industry in the best way. Futbolcu Dunyasi organizes regular activities to support its members
to get a chance to be watched live by professional scouts and coaches and introduced to the professional effectively. Members will have a chance to join friendly meetings with professional football players and coaches and share their experiences & thoughts. With its everyday extending own commentator crew, Futbolcu Dunyasi recommend players to the professional club managers ,coaches , players agents, ..etc. and helps its members to be in the best place in their football career.

Where will the Futbolcu Dunyasi organize these activities?

In many different locations in Turkey and through its partners in certain countries. Futbolcu Dunyasi organizes activities like Trials, Friendly Football matches, Professional soccer camps, ..etc.


What is the age and position range for these activities?

As explained in, regarding to "Under U17", "Amateurs" and "Professionals" categories, all age categories and positions are enabled to join these activities. Prior to any activity, more information about available age and positions will be given in the Futbolcu Dunyasi website.

How can I creat a video enabled Profile on ?

In order to open an account , you should join to any trials of us. Video profile system username and passwords are given by hand in trials. 

How can I upload my videos to Video Profile System ? 

After enter our video profile system with your username and password provided, first upload your video to youtube. When you click on the " Share button " video on youtube, Embed sign will screen up. Just click on "Embed" sign and copy the Embedding code ( it starts like Iframe= ... ) and paste to your video profile web page at Video section on our video profile system. 


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