Under Istanbul Tuzla Sport Club Management , Having been a pioneer in the football industry, has been established to introduce All the football players, regardless of being whether licenced or not, to the professional clubs managers and club scouts in the best way.One of  the main duties is to present the detailed profile informations (video, picture, CV,etc)  of the professional football player candidates to the clubs and managers looking for players in the internet environment in an efficient way by arranging regular activities for all age categories where professional managers, coaches, football players join and watch these candidates in person thus supporting all these professional football player candidates in this global football industry with the most efficient way. Furthermore, Futbolcudunyasi`s crew will be checking and giving their own remarks for their member`s profiles and keeping records of their football careers actively and assist them professionally. Club managers, coaches, trainers, local and overseas football represantatives are entitled to use this portal through any criteria to search for players and get in touch with them. is a sportive consultancy company., through the activities to be made worldwide,  will provide his members with their presentation in a global platform and give the chance to get engaged in these activities. By means of these particularly prepared activities, which are available only for the registered members, the members will be able to show themselves in front of the leading managers, coaches and professional players in the football industry. To conclude, builds the bridge for the professional football candidate to be presented and take the most suitable mission in an available club in this continously changing soccer wrold. Futbolcudunyasi has been acting not only in Turkey but around the world by its worldwide located represantatives.

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